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Indoor Plants Supply in Dubai and across UAE, Azhar Al Madina Landscape and Indoor Plants Supply you best through a combination of Indoor Maintenance and Indoor Plants Supply for Office, Homes, Villas and Star Hotels. The home gardener with articles, tips, guides and advice for the home gardener. Offers one of the largest selections of artificial plants, artificial trees, artificial flowers and vases available online. In addition Art plants also specialise in very large replica trees up to 30ft and can tailor build foliage to customer’s requirements. Azhar Al Madina Landscape and Indoor Maintenance Services offered by Indoor Plant Hire - plants suppliers, flowers suppliers,  Landscape Maintenance - comprehensive maintenance, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Indoor Maintenance and Indoor Plants Supply and Supply for Indoor Plants Advance Plant Services support local business throughout United Arab Emirates offering a very high level of service at competitive rates for indoor plants and indoor maintenance.

Indoor Plants Supply:

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Areca Palm
  3. Boston Fern
  4. Calathea Makoyana
  5. China doll
  6. Chinese evergreen
  7. Corn Plant
  8. Dragon Tree
  9. Fig
  10. Kentia Palm
  11. Lady Palm
  12. Madagascar Dragon Tree
  13. Parlour Palm
  14. Flower Suppliers

We can also supply in very large trees up to 30ft. With other words: “LIVE GREEN LIFE”

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