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Indoor Plants We Azhar Al Madina Landscape and Indoor Plants Specialist in Emirates and surrounding Whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Sharjah.

An indoor plant or houseplant makes an ideal gift. Everyone enjoys receiving a house plant and seeing it develop into a large healthy specimen plant. Positive psychological effect or health reasons such as indoor air purification. Indoors are commonly grown for decorative purposes. We can supply from a large indoor plants to small pot plants for most indoor environments, from kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms, right through to beautiful houseplants for sunny conservatory situations. Houseplants are environmentally friendly and good for creating a calm atmosphere. We import all of our houseplants directly from nurseries.

We aim to provide our clients with the best indoor plants be it in Villas, hotels, offices, shopping centers, showrooms,, sports complex, Apartment or for some special events. Offering Indoor Plant Hire - plants, flowers, Landscape and Indoor Maintenance - comprehensive Indoor maintenance, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Indoor Maintenance and Indoor Plants Supply and Supply for Indoor Plants Advance Plant Services support local business throughout United Arab Emirates offering a very high level of service at competitive rates. Azhar Al Madina Landscape offering Professional Indoor plants Supply and indoor plants caring and maintenance. We are a Landscape solution & Indoor Maintenance oriented company and your needs are our greatest concern. We guarantee to keep supplied healthy plants looking all the time . We also offer to design landscape and supply indoor plants and supplier for Indoor and outdoor Planters.

Azhar Al Madina Landscape Dubai also source and supply all your landscaping product needs, source and supply quality plants for your budget, and source and supply the right expertise. With decade experience in the landscape Dubai market, and connections nationwide Azhar Al Madina Landscape Dubai will work with you and you’re planning needs from Resource Consent to ongoing maintenance. 


Botanical name

Indoor Plants Supply


Dracena fragrans"compacta"

Indoor plants


Dracena fragrans"Deremensis

Indoor plants


Dracena fragrans"Janet Craig"

Indoor plants


Dracena fragrans"massangeana"

Indoor plants


Dracaena marginata

Indoor plants


Dracaena reflexa

Indoor plants


Dracaena sanderiana

Indoor plants


Aglaonema spp

Indoor plants


Codiaeum variegatum

Indoor plants


Dieffenbachia seguine

Indoor plants


Ficus benjamina

Indoor plants


Ficus lyrata

Indoor plants


Howea fosteriana

Indoor plants


Phoenix roebelenii

Indoor plants


Sansevieria trifasciata

Indoor plants


Schefflera arboricola

Indoor plants


Scindapsus aureus

Indoor plants


Spathiphyllum spp

Indoor plants


Syngonium spp

Indoor plants


Yucca elephantipes

Indoor plants

For Indoor Plants.

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