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Azhar Al Madina Landscaping Installation offers an environmentally-friendly, landscape installation using necessary things like natural and organic fertilizer and advantageous microorganisms. Landscaping Installation contains the functionality as well as knowledgeable workers to be able to synchronize as well as effectively control the landscape development venture, seed installing, irrigation as well as panorama light systems. Via long-established associations using nearby panorama architects, property owners, as well as building contractors we now have the actual knowledge to be able to advise you about arrangement, venture management, as well as cost-effectiveness. Through long-established relationships with native landscape architects, property homeowners, and builders we've the experience to advise you on planning, project management, and cost-effectiveness.

 Our pre-construction services embrace style analysis, budgeting and worth engineering, plant handiness assessment, irrigation style and review, long maintenance analysis, web site analysis, and risk management consultation. Once construction is completed, we have a tendency to schedule regular follow-up visits through the assurance amount.


EQUMINET: Thus we've the proper tools for the job- from the trucks and trailers we have a tendency to use to haul our materials, to our power edger, bobcat, tiller, auger, and hand tools.

PROPER SOIL PREPARATION: This means everything to your new plants and the way well they establish themselves in their new home. We have a tendency to use the proper soil additives within the planting bed and our bobcat-mounted rot tiller will divide the soil and blend within the additives to the right depth; even within the toughest of soil conditions. We are able to simply add extra soil if required and grade the planting beds for the right emptying.

WEED CONTROL: We treat the planting space before landscaping installation to rid of it of unwanted vegetation, and use the right procedures to stop future weed issues. we have a tendency to square measure commissioned business chemical Applicators and thus will use merchandise not accessible to the home-owner.

PROPER PLANTING TECHNIQUE : We know however the plants ought to be spaced, the right planting height, which of them would like their roots scored, which of them should not have their roots disturbed, which of them would like cropped at planting time, and that trees would like staking and trunk wrap applied. We tend to use solely the number of fabric required to try and do the work right, and that we take back any leftovers. You simply get beaked for what we tend to use.

LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICE: We are offering trimming, pruning, weed management, mulching, and alternative landscape maintenance services to the landscapes we have a tendency to install. We have a tendency to sometimes perform this add early Spring and/or middle Summer. Besides keeping your landscape wanting nice, correct pruning and early blighter detection can add a few years to your landscape.


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